Sheet Metal

Suitable for car garages, shop, storage areas and any area that must be restricted and fully secured

1. Hot galvanized Steel sheet Profile bearing perforation of maximum hole size 3mm
2. Galvanized coating weight zn 120gr/m2 (60gr/m2 both sides)
3. Wide range of coating colours with excellent resistance to outdoor conditions and excellent colour retention
4. Special shaped “U” guides (50mm, 60 mm, 70 mm) in combination with the dimension of the roller of thickness 2mm steel sheet
5. Shaft diameter Φ1” (2,5 mm and 3,0 mm) according to the requirements of each case
6. Construction of external frame is possible of various dimensions to cover the wrapping roller from the exterior side when a beam does not exist
7. Construction of a covering box is possible
8. Possibility of manual or motorized operations are possible

Weight /m²140/8140/8140/6
Sheet /cm98.57.9
DESCRIPTIONIndustrialIndustrial 165/6165/5
Weight /m²140/576
Sheet /cm6.91111

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