irreversible actuator

for balanced doors up to 9 m2

Available in two versions:

24V and 230V

• Accurate and safe operation with encoder
• Sound signalling during automatic closing
• External control keypad and led display for easy changing of the control unit functions
• Silent operation: chain conveying system on galvanized steel rail

DESCRIPTION24V maximum force 1000 N
Power supply (V / Hz)25C012
Absorbed power (W)230 - 50
Door area (m2)160
Start force (N)< 15
Nominal force (N)1000
Average speed (cm/s)850
Working temperature (°C)11
Duty cycle (%)-20 ÷ +40
Protection degree (IP)30
Motor weight (kg)20

cu-jedi• Programming via 4 buttons and display
• Input for photocells
• Input for an external start button
• Input for an external stop button
• Output for flashing light 24V with intermittence
• 433.92 MHz built-in receiver allowing the use of Personal Pass series transmitters
• Possibility to store up to 15 transmitters
• Self-learning of times, slow-downs and forces both in opening and closing phase
• Amperometric sensor obstacle detection function with programmable threshold


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