Irreversible electromechanical
rack actuator motor reducer
for sliding gates
weighing up to 4000 kg

Available in two versions
230V three-phase with inverter
and 400V three-phase

• Intensive operation even with large gates
• Obstacle detection
• Self-learning of opening and closing times
• Synchronized operation of two motors using the SYNCRO module
• Possibility to adjust the gearmotor torque
• Industrial electromechanical limit switch and M6 pinion

230V version with inverter:

• Three-phase motor with inverter with 230V control unit
• Programmable acceleration and deceleration

DESCRIPTION400V three-phase gates up to 4000 Kg
Gate maximum weight (kg)4000
Power supply (V / Hz)400/50
Maximum power (W)1100
Full load current (A)2
Gate speed (m/s)0.16
Maximum thrust (N)4800
Duty cycle (%)50
Working temperature (°C)-20÷ +55
Motor weight (kg)35
Protection degree (IP)55
Maximum load on 24 Vac accessories (W)10

• Programming achieved using 3 program buttons and display
• Plug-in adaptor for modular radio receiver MR2
• 2 inputs for photocells with self-test function
• 2 inputs for mechanical or resistive safety edges
• Output for flashing light 230V with intermittence
• Multilingual programming menu through 122×32 pixel graphic display
• Self-learning opening time and obstacle detection function
• Operational cycle counter, with programmable maintenance reminders
• Three programmable relay outputs such as lights, electric lock, warning light, electric brake or functioning test 12Vdc
• ADI connector for connecting CL1+, WES-ADI, SYNCRO optional modules

2500-I version with INVERTER
• Speed adjustable from 0.035 to 0.26 m/s during both stroke and slow down
• Dynamic management of the torque during all phases of the opening / closing cycle cu-hyperfor


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